Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney Today!

Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney Today!

Have You Been Charged With a Crime in North Charleston, South Carolina?

There’s a lot at stake when you’ve been charged with a crime. Give yourself the best possible chance at a favorable outcome by hiring an experienced attorney to handle your case.

Michael S. O’Neal Attorney at Law has more than three decades of experience on his side and can handle all of your criminal law matters. Attorney O’Neal will review your charges and determine the best approach to your case. He’ll do everything he can to reduce your charges or have them thrown out altogether. Attorney O’Neal can also negotiate with the court to reach a plea agreement and minimize the consequences of your arrest.

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Work with a dedicated criminal defense attorney in North Charleston, South Carolina

Michael S. O’Neal Attorney at Law has practiced in a variety of legal areas and can provide sound legal counsel in cases relating to:

Attorney O’Neal can handle all of the above criminal charges and more. He also takes personal injury cases by referral. If you’ve been referred to attorney O’Neal, be sure to ask about receiving half off your fee. Find out what he can do for your case by contacting Michael S. O’Neal Attorney at Law.






Call a DUI Lawyer In North Charleston, SC Today!

Get Back on Track After a DUI

Being arrested for driving under the influence is serious business, so make sure you have a serious DUI lawyer by your side. North Charleston, SC’s Michael S. O’Neal Attorney at Law will examine the details surrounding your arrest and make sure proper procedures were followed.

Attorney O’Neal will compile evidence that can be used to reduce your charge and do all he can to keep you from serving jail time, losing your license or paying heavy fines.

Choose an experienced DUI attorney—reach out to Michael S. O’Neal Attorney at Law today.